Tsam is the oldest and biggest dragon of the gang. He’s our black and white warrior – easily identified by his charcoal colouring, big white head spikes and peachy coloured eyelids. His eyes are dark amber-gold. His beard is usually almost pure white… or jet black, depending on what he’s up to, and who’s around!

Mocha was until recently our smallest dragon – she’s extremely petite and surprisingly cute to go with it. She’s not quite as monochrome as Tsam, as she’s got coffee cake colouring. Her face-stripes aren’t particularly distinct, but her white shades are much more bright than Tsam’s. (No “Bold” or “Daz” here – she uses Vivvids’ dragon soap!) She has dark-gold eyes and white eyelids.

Jacques is one of the smaller dragons, but makes up for it with character! He’s also bright yellow when in a good mood, with yellow eyelids and pale-gold eyes, though he often sports a pitch black beard – he’s still trying to claim this land as his own. Jac’s tan face stripes are clearly defined, and he has yellow and white lips.

Hyphen is… well. Hyphen. He’s bordering on ginger, has a short nose and distinctive cognac coloured eyes, small ears and low slung, short spikes. If we’re straightforward about it, Hyph has an odd head shape: his headfats are much more domed than any other dragon I’ve met, a slight orcish pout and small features in general. This is his good side – his other eye bulges somewhat.

Frankie is the newcomer. We’re still getting to know each other. He has a very long lower jaw, a very short and pointy nose and caramel-cream colourings with yellow-gold eyes. I particularly like his “bandit mask” stripe of rich caramel. He’s also got a comically pointy beard when angry, but I expect that will fill out as he puts on weight.

Bob is the new boy of the pack. He’s our agile ninja dragon with his super-springy cheerful nature – easily identified by his chunky stump tail, soft caramel/buff colours and “rhino horn”. His eyes are bright gold, with peach lids, and he’s got quite a big head for his size and approximate age.

Also, Lizards in Hats.

And lizards passed to the Rainbow Bridge.

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